How To Grow Coriander Indoors

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how to grow cilantro indoors

Coriander is a cool-weather plant but requires proper sunlight and temperature for healthy growth. Considering this situation, it is a challenging process to grow the cilantro in indoor conditions but not impossible.

Method to grow the Coriander indoor to  get a year-round harvest of the herbaceous plant

Selection of  container

Coriander is rarely grown as a single plant, originally from Iran. This tasty herb is grown at about the same density as basil. choose your container size accordingly.use 6 to 8-inch square containers. 

Filling of Container with Soil mixture 

Fill the container right to the top with a quality organic potting mix. Press and compact the soil firmly to eliminate any large air gaps.

Temperature condition for healthy growth 

Adult Coriander plants enjoy cool shady areas to grow, the seeds are best germinated between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Recommended to preheat that soil for a few hours before sowing the seeds.

How to Sow the Coriander seeds.

Coriander seeds are light robust seeds that are encased in a strong husk that may actually contain more than one seed but no need to break or remove that husk. the seeds break right through those husks on their own ones sowed.

Place your coriander seeds right on top of your pre-filled container at a spacing of around 2 seeds per square inch for a 6×6 inch container. After you’ve seated the container and you’re comfortable with the spacing, Cover-up these seeds with about an inch of the same potting mixture. Gently press down that top layer to keep it nice and even.

Place the container back in the heat at this point before germination and cover the container. Cover them with either a lid or a sheet of plastic to ensure that the soil doesn’t dry out especially with the increased heat and always water from below.

 At a temperature of 80 to 85 degrees, your cilantro seeds will begin to germinate within three to five days. make sure to take the lid or plastic cover off before those shoots begin to press up against the lid. 

When to take the container indoor.

When you start to see the first real leaves appear you can take those plants right off the heat. it’s at this point that cilantro grows extremely quickly. place the container at a south-facing window sill for optimal results.

Watering and  harvesting of indoor cilantro plant 

Water your young cilantro plants moderately taking care not to keep them too soggy. Begin harvesting when your plants grow three leaf nodes. 

It’s super easy to grow your favorite herbs and medicinal plants indoors no matter what the weather is doing outside. Using the tips and strategies above you’ll be harvesting loads of cilantro in no time. Make sure you pre-warm your soil, don’t compact it too much when adding that top layer, water from below and cover up those seeds until they germinate and grow into established seedlings.

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