Best Indoor Plants To Keep At Home

Best indoor plants to keep at home
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Indoor plants help to purify the air inside the house. There are some indoor plants which will help you to be with nature even when inside your house. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has already found a place in many homes and gardens because of its medicinal and air cleansing properties. It has a distinct property of healing skin problems, insect bites, cuts, and minor burns. as an effective air purifier, it filters out most of the common indoor toxins. 

Peace Lily

peace lily is indoor plant

This plant is an amazing flower plant. compared to other plants it can absorb the toxins in maximum amounts. This plant can be grown either in low light or bright light conditions.low light conditions are ideal for the plant for flowering. keep the plant dust-free to get better-purified air. 

Spider Plant

spider plant is indoor plant

One of the best air purifiers that are easy to grow and maintain. It has the capability of removing 90% of toxins in two days. This is of great use for those with common allergy symptoms as it removes molds and other allergens from the environment.  

Bamboo Palm.

bamboo plant is  indoor plant

A bamboo palm is an attractive and sturdy looking plant that is easy to care for. It is excellent at eliminating toxins because of its highest transpiration ratings. This plant is very useful during dry winter months as it helps to maintain the moisture level in the environment. tiny buds will start appearing on this plant once it reaches maturity. this plant can thrive in any light conditions, be it a low light or medium light conditions. 

English Ivy.

english ivy is indoor plant

This is the best plant to filter out formaldehyde and benzene. be it at home or in the office it works remarkably well in both the places. It removes airborne allergens like molds and fecal matter particles and because of this, it is the best for those who have pets in their home. This plant is easy to grow as it is an adaptable and evergreen climbing plant.  

Philodendron Heart-leaf.

Philodendron Heart-leaf is indoor plant

This is the commonly grown plant that is often seen either sitting nicely in the corning or hanging in the basket. Even though it is an effective air purifier this plant is toxic so it should be kept out of reach of kids and pets if they are around. They are drought tolerant as they can adapt to a wide range of conditions.

Boston Fern.

Boston Fern is indoor plant

Boston fern adds health and looks to your home. These plants are natural humidifiers. This plant is beneficial for those who have dry skin problems. like bamboo palm, they also help maintain air moisture levels during the dry winter season. it absorbs commonly found toxins in the environment which are related to neurologic diseases. This Boston fern brings classic beauty and lights up the room when placed beautifully.  

Chinese Evergreen.

Chinese Evergreen is indoor  plant

Chinese evergreen is an everlasting, easy to grow plant that produces tiny red berries. As the time and exposure to the environment continue it removes more and more toxins from the environment. as it is a long-lasting plant it requires re potting every 2-3 years. 

Golden Pothos.

Golden Pothos is indoor plant

This rapidly growing hedge is another great air-purifier. Golden Pothos successfully eliminates toxins from the environment. Their neon tinge brings a beautiful look to these plants either by cascading from a hanging basket or by spiraling around the garage. This plant is also known as Devils Ivy because of its potency to remain green even when kept in dark. 

Rubber Plant.

Rubber Plant is indoor plant

These evergreen rubber plants are of Indian origin. They have broad leaves that are deep in color and sleek to touch. Some variants of this have a purplish tinge to their dark green color. Eminent at eliminating toxins from the environment. They are easy to grow plants and to control their growth they need to be trimmed frequently. This plant is to be kept away from children and pets as they produce latex when trimmed or when its branches are broken. 

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